Maree Frawley

Maree has been supporting and inspiring all walks of life for just over 30 year career in her diverse pathways in health, fitness and wellness. As a published author in the International Best Selling Book, Elevate Your Health, Maree helps her clients move through the information overload into an organised space, specific to each individuals health needs.

The depth of Maree’s history in the fitness industry is recognised by her being one of the pioneer authors and course creators with the fitness, sport and recreation training framework. Working in fitness long before there was a title for personal training and supporting the growth and expansion of the fitness industry, Maree has supported not only the education of the instructors within fitness, health and yoga, but more importantly tens of thousands of clients towards their health, fitness and wellness goals.

Maree is one of the few Registered Yoga Masters in Australia. Her commitment to bridging the gap of yoga teachings to the injured and limited adds to her nurturing wisdom. Her recent expansion in 2015 into educating and providing simple solutions about health burdens and electromagnetic radiation as a geotechnician has assisted many people reduce their exposure and improve their health.

Maree is mother to teenage twins and business owner of a health centre with her life partner. She provides inspiration, strategy and solutions into all areas of living, however she can.

Programs with Maree

Yoga – Mind – Body Soul

Retreat Programs

EMR Home Assessments & Solutions

Yoga Instructor Training

Further Information

Co-Owner – Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga
(2009 – current)
A small family based Chiropractic & yoga centre to support the local community with health solutions and practices.

Freelance Consultant – Health/Business/Life Coaching
(2003 – current)
Maree’s indepth business experience with Masters Business Administration, Bachelor Commerce, Certificate IV in Business and many other qualifications have allowed her to have success with property investing, property renovations and work life balance. Maree can assist executives, small business owners and all walks of life create suitable strategies to enhance success and work / life balance.

Various Fitness Centres and Gyms
(1991 – current)
Maree has taught tens of thousands of group fitness classes across many different modalities and disciplines. Including Pilates, Yogalates. Step, Les Mills Programs, Fit Ball. She has worked in the strength, conditioning and high performance of athletes and has mentored and educated many instructors. Maree loves seeing individuals thrive and groups outperform any and all expectations.


Thank you, Thank you for Wednesday! I got so much out of the day and am so grateful to the universe that I was lucky enough to have a one on one unexpected session with you at the retreat.

Everything comes at the right time, I know this and it was the perfect tonic for my broken heart.

Suze ~ post retreat and post BLISS session during retreat day 2022

It was lovely to see you too. I’ve been waking in the mornings with a strange feeling of fear / dread. Today I woke up and feeling great! You must have got rid of the bad feelings. I feel full of life, love and joy. Long may it last.

Annie ~ post Energy Healing session 2023

It was so good. You are so great. Such an informative night, one of such healing. Thank you so much for all your well being advice, support and healing.

Paula ~ Twilight Retreat 2023

More about Maree

Maree Frawley is a rejuvenation specialist who believes that every person
can live an inspired life of fulfillment & health through the balance of
support and challenge using a huge toolbox of techniques and philosophies.

As a rejuvenation specialist Maree uses, Coaching, Yoga, Qigong,
Mindfulness, Education, Inspiration, Biomechanical Expertise and Quantum
Biology, plus more, as well as her many years and expertise in the fitness and
health industries of multi modalities to help people achieve goals in all areas
of their life.

As a homeschooling mum of teenage twins, business owner, with qualifications
including; MBA, B.Com., Adv. Dip. Yoga Therapy, Cert. IV Fitness (Personal
Training / Specific Populations) and so many other qualifications gained over
the years, Maree understands the challenges of the daily grind and how to bring
a balanced perspective of how our experiences help us along our journey into a
thriving harmonious life.

After significant physical challenges and injury from car accident, and
training injuries, with back, neck, knees, hips, vocal chords; overcoming
emotional hurdles and pushing her body to the brink of physical performance,
Maree understands the necessity for having both challenge and support and how
you can optimize your health for your bio-individuality.

Maree is inspired to support and assist as many people as possible to be
empowered with their health choices. Whether this is supporting people in her
group sessions, retreat days, her books and resources or inspired workshop
series, Maree is able to support people in physical workshops or via online

Maree has worked with the highest levels of athlete with physical
conditioning and mindset, through to the most vulnerably injured in their
recovery, young 90 year olds inspired to maintain their quality of independence
and all walks of life from children through to any person interested in
improving, maintaining or rejuvenating their life.

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