Brain Power & Memory Boost – Follow Up

(The overview of the original Brain Power & Memory Boost Course is at the bottom of this post.)

The follow up session with Brain Power & Memory Boost is to:

  • Review the 2nd Brain Gym physical program
  • 3 essential techniques for practices for memory enhancement
  • 4 processes to maintain brain energy.
  • Question time: Including why pain impacts memory & cognitive function. Why reduced sleep impacts memory.

This can be a stand alone session – you do not need to have participated in the 3 week foundation course of Brain Power & Memory Boost.

Tuesday 15th August 1.15pm – 3.45pm $55

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Science has shown that the brain can heal and repair if we can give it the conditions it needs to do so….

This is a subject so dear to me.

Brain health and working short term memory are aspects of our life that need support and regular conditioning. Many experts debate about whether brain calcification is a one way street and for me where there is hope, that is where we should direct our energy towards. In my world I have seen and experienced to many miracles to believe otherwise.

The first workshop can be a stand-alone workshop which you can come to and get a snippet of the information and put it to work straight away.

There is also a further 3 week program later in the term to delve deeper into healthy habits (and unhealthy), lifestyle techniques for brain health, amazing memory techniques as trained by the best memory experts in the world, nutrition and most importantly essential brain gym to maintain your brains super powers (and prevention of primitive reflexes returning). Whatever stage of life, this content is more important than ever. Attendance at the 3 week session can also be via Zoom.

The rise of digital, dementia, digital distraction, alongside Alzheimer’s and dementia, the strategies and information in this are life enhancing. Whether you have a student or whether you have noticed your memory and brain not working as optimally as you would like, I would love to see you at these workshops.

3 week foundation workshop – new dates to be announced.

Why would Maree be delivering this workshop…..

Over the years with studying the impact of electromagnetic radiation on brain function, family members and clients dealing with symptoms of memory deterioration and brain fog led me to study with the greats when it comes to memory techniques and brain health habits. These masters include Ron White, Dr John Demartini and various techniques of speed reading, memory superpowers and brain health optimisation.

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