Chakra Journey ~ Soul Healing

Physical, emotional and auric hygiene

This experience is ideal for any person open to the idea of energy healing modalities and interested in learning more about the energetic body and universal divine energy to enhance healing in our physical body. This is a guided self-healing experience of vibrational health & metaphysical quantum healing practices.

Sound from crystal bowls tuned to 432 hz played specifically to balance and attune your chakras. Essential oils specific to chakra energy centres and energetic needs of the participants (allergy and health information will be gathered prior to the session). Crystals as part of vibrational well being, colour as part of the healing process and a guided healing process.

The intention of this session is to empower your own intuitive healing, incorporating education and home practices, including access to recorded session.

To book in 🤗

August – Monday 7th August 1.30pm

September – Monday 8th September 5.30pm

November – Monday 7th November 1.30pm

December – Monday 5th December 1.30pm

Corlette Hall Sandy Point Rd Corlette NSW

Maree Frawley

Registered Yoga Master Australasian Yoga Institute, Advanced Diploma Yoga, Pilates Certified, Certificate IV Personal Trainer/ Specific Populations. Other qualifications include: MBA, B.Comm.

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