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If you are clicking on this, you are probably already aware of the potential health burdens that electromagnetic frequencies can potentially have on your health.

Our bio-individuality, gender and age (plus more!) can all contribute to the differences in our specific absorption rates and measurements of high and low frequency EMR. What is most important is addressing the potential burden of these frequencies within your sleeping environment and potentially the heavy exposure areas in your daily environment.

Our DNA has evolved with handling natures’ radiation during the day – for example the sun. However, during the night, our physiology is now getting a barage of human made radiation and potentially geopathic stressors.

Reducing and Mitigating Exposure

Assessing your home environment, specifically your sleeping environment for your (Specific Absorption Rate) SAR, is extremely beneficial to address contributing factors with health concerns and challenges. Cancers, autoimmune, behavioural issues, inflammation, sleep issues and chronic fatigue problems are just a few of the reasons to assess your sleeping environment. It is worth understanding your own personal absorption levels within your environment so you can work to shield and reduce exposures of radio frequencies and eliminate electromagnetic frequencies where possible.

High Frequency Digital Probe

There are many contributing factors to the mish mash of EMR frequencies we are exposed with; including smart meters, wiring issues, solar panels, conductive mattresses and many other potential physical burdens including geopathic stressors.

Maree has been trained by leading world experts in “EMR” and “Geopathic Stress” and how to harmonise your cells with physical, nutritional, emotional and building biology strategies and tools to strengthen your physiology to continue to stay strong as we face EMR saturation 24/7.

Maree is an author in the area of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, “Feeling Zapped”, and how to strengthen yourself to deal with the health burdens of EMR. Educating the community and helping people to be aware of some simple and immediate solutions is part of Maree’s calling.

(At the bottom of this page, there are 2 videos that show an experiment we did with thermal (aluminium) blankets with regards to shielding a bedroom. Please note that only partially shielding can actually increase measurements! This can be due to frequencies bouncing off wiring / old ports within the structures and other potential amplifiers. Please be cautious and workshop your ideas with trained geo-technicians!)

Here is an example of Maree doing an assessment of a work space and the incredibly high measurements that are happening in our workspaces https://youtu.be/nABKKcAKRvs (FYI: With video, there is a setting to speedup playback)

For home or workplace assessments please contact: http://m.me/inspiredvitalitymareefrawley or

Home Assessments:

During a home assessment high frequency and low frequency measurements will be taken as well as mapping of geopathic stress. Immediate mitigation will be discussed and long term strategies discussed.

These assessments use equipment that measure your personal level of absorption. A tri-field meter will also be available to measure the radio frequency measurements through the airwaves.

This is an example of an outdoor assessment and use of instrumentation https://youtu.be/6y7cXhLVcvI


$350 for 90 minute home assessment – generally 2 bedrooms and work area.($100 per hour there after), plus any travel costs approximately $100 per hour of travel. Important to note: Travel is currently limited to eastern side of Australia.

$150 Deposit required upon booking. Please take note of cancellation and change of time policy below.

For equipment hour please contact http://m.me/inspiredvitalitymareefrawley

Tri-field meter available for hire.

Cancellation and Changes Policy:

Full refund of deposit available, if notification is 24 hours before scheduled assessment. If travel costs have already been incurred the % of refund will take into consideration these costs. Extenuating circumstances will be considered, however, please be respectful of time and travel.

Videos and Further Information

Maree EMR – General introduction & mobile phone habits.
Can home shielding solutions mitigate EMR……
Shielding experiment with thermal blanket… see for yourself the difference in measurements…. Disclaimer: Please watch in conjunction with “can home solutions mitigate EMR”

EMR Basics: Morning Activities

  • Grounding Yourself each morning – barefoot on the ground.
  • Being in the sunlight of a morning for approximately 20 minutes. Ideally without lenses to reset bio-chemistry including melatonin/cortisol. Skin and eyes are the biggest absorbers of vitamin D. (Not looking directly into the sun!)
  • Use air tube headsets preferable. Ideally get rid of generic ear buds and blue tooth ear pieces. Best place to buy air tube headsets from ebay. They are a quarter of the price and same quality as those available from retailers
  • Radiation deflection cases for phones are great
  • Lap top deflection pads
  • Blue/White light glasses for use with screens.
  • Defender Shield are an amazing quality of product with shielding technology. I have kitted out our family with phone cases, glasses, gloves and ear muff/microphone headsets. Personally, due to my sensitivity, I use gloves and blue/white light shielding glasses and are extremely happy with the decreased absorption rate I have. For more information about Defender Shield click here

EMR Basics: Night Time Actions

  • Minimise blue and white light exposure at least an hour before bed. (Blue and white spectrum light increase cortisol and reduce melatonin required for healthy sleep cycles.)
  • Turn your mobile phone off. Or a starting point is on flight mode or out of the bedroom. (You need to remember to turn WiFi off as well, as WiFi will still ping the phone)
  • Remove all technology from your body – smart watch, fit bit etc
  • Put your wireless modem on a timer so it is off while you sleep. This should be turned off when you are sleeping
  • Smart meters ping with electrical appliances that are plugged in, even if they are turned off. Smart meters ping over 125000 times in a 24 hour cycle. Where possible unplug appliances (not just turn off power) as this can reduce the electromagnetic field and radio frequencies.
  • Consider the 6ft rule when having technology in proximity to your bed. This would include extension or power cords going under your bed, bed side lights.

Understanding EMR and the potential health burdens can be an amazing journey of growth and extremes. After completing my training and all the statistics and research that was involved, I went into a pretty hard core place of shielding and elimination.

It is important to acknolwedge that the world in which we live is enhanced with technology and like anything – too much technology impacts brain waves, cellular health and then our subsequent chemical and hormonal aspects. So, I encourage you to walk gently and make simple, steady changes that you feel are manageable and achieve a positive health impact.

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