Electromagnetic Radiation Home Assessments

The more than 13,000 scientific studies detailing the potential EMR hyper-sensitivity and contribution of electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress with ‘total load’ health burden are a great reason to review your sleeping space and workspaces to mitigate possible overload. The scientifically detailed health burdens contributing to heightened sensitivities, adrenal overload, oxidative stress and methylation health issues are a great starting point for mitigation when you are faced with inflammation, cellular recovery, auto-immune challenges and any health recovery goal.

Assessing your home environment specifically your sleeping environments for your Specific Absorption Rate SAR is extremely beneficial to address many health concerns. From cancers, autoimmune, behavioural issues and chronic fatigue problems are just are few of the reasons to assess your sleeping environment and then work to clean your space.

Rather than just measuring the energy in the air waves, the High Frequency Digital Probe and Low Frequency Digital Probe measure what is moving through your body in your sleep environment. Once you have these measurements then simple changes through to more significant measures can be implemented according to urgency, time and budget.

Maree has been trained by leading world experts in Geopathic Stress and how to harmonise your cells with physical, nutritional and emotional tools to strengthen your physiology to continue to stay strong as we face EMR saturation 24/7.

As a leading author on her journey with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and how to strengthen yourself to deal with the health burdens of EMR, it is well worth understanding your own personal absorption levels within your environment.

Like all aspects of ‘total load’, when you are sensitive, any step to strengthen your cellular frequency will assist your stabilisation and then movement towards health. 

This short clip shows Maree using the Tri-Field meter outside measuring the energy of the air and then the High Frequency Digital Probe with specific absorption. 

For more information about EMR safety, please click here Click here

For home assessments please contact: mfree112@gmail.com.

Home Assessments are $350 for approximately 90 minutes, plus any travel costs approximately $100 per hour. These assessments use equipment that measure your personal level of absorption not just the EMF moving through the airwaves.

For equipment hour please contact mfree112@gmail.com .

Tri-field meter available for hire.

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