Glute Activation, Core Stability, Hip Flexors & More

This is one of the most common themes in our community group at the moment with supporting your lifestyle goals with vitality and pain free living.

So often in our culture and programming with our anatomy and mechanics, we separate the parts of our body. For example, “my neck is sore.” This separation is so much that, we often forget that everything is intertwined, connected, symbiotic. We need mechanical balance in our muscular skeletal system, to support nervous systems and then their interconnectedness to the other systems in our physiology.

Week to week in classes, workshops & retreats, the big themes of spinal care and oneness when it comes to labels such as gluteal dysfunction, sciatica symptoms, hip flexor dominance, overly tight hamstrings… the list goes on.

Workshop Overview

  • Basic anatomy of glutes, core, spine and inter-connectedness
  • Essential breathwork, posture and crucial daily movements for spinal health
  • The absolute must not ever again….!
  • The absolute must do’s every day…. if you are willing 🤗
  • Exercise program
  • Questions to ask of your Yoga, Pilates and exercise Instructors
  • Basic daily movements and potentially 2 to 3 times per week program. Available online post workshop.
  • Question time….. anything specific to you 🤗

Tuesday 29th August 1.15pm – 3.45pm. $55 in person or online

To book online click here 🤗

Glutes, hip flexors, tight hamstrings, core strength @mareerejuvenate
Workshop to support Core Strength with @mareerejuvenate

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