Health Mapping & Rejuvenation Support

Health Mapping and Health Coaching is an encompassing technique that looks at how you have arrived to your current health destination and then formulating a plan to navigate you towards your health goals.

Working with allied health where appropriate, your individual needs, energetic story and your future story all become a part of this beautiful process of Health Mapping and Navigation.

Understanding your bio-indivduality is imperative for your vitality and Maree excels not only with the science, qualifications and experience, she will empower  and educate you to help you live the life you desire.

People who utilise these services include:

  • Individuals with weight loss goals struggling with pain and inflammation and find their current exercise regime is only causing more pain.
  • Individuals with emotional challenges who are struggling with health challenges and not coordinating their efforts in a successful way
  • Individuals dealing with health concerns that need specific support and strategy
  • Individuals who understand their emotional body is essential for physical recovery
  • Individuals open to the idea of metaphysical wellbeing and quantum biology

Maree’s experience, education and her intuition will assist you towards your physical, emotional and soulful health.

Sessions will vary in length depending on needs. This is a beautiful, joyous and soulful approach to reclaiming your energy, vitality and spark for living your inspired vitality. Packages start at $350.

For more information or to make a booking please read more here 💜

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