Hygiene for your Energetic Body

Self-Healing Workshop with @mareerejuvenate

Our interaction with our environment will influence the health of our auric field – astral hygiene. Weaknesses in our auric field have been known to contribute to ongoing chronic inflammation, provide explanations for epigenetics or the idea of hereditary disease or strength. We give thanks to the electrical engineers and physicists who have continued to provide the scientific explanations to elevate the incredible healing modalities that can support the strengthen and expansion of auric field and energetic body.

In the workshop we will cover topics including:

  • Why do our emotions influence – strengthen or weaken our health?
  • On a soul level, why does the energy show in our physical body?
  • Why are holes in our aura dangerous, and yet deliberate implosion points in our energetic body ideal?
  • Why does the food we eat impact our energetic field surrounding our physical body?
  • How do the thoughts we practice and emotions we feel create holes in our aura or heal our aura?
  • What daily actions strengthen our aura?
  • Essential activities to heal your aura
  • Why the people who put hands on you should be prioritising their energetic expansion and how their energy can specifically influence your field
  • Questions specific to the room

Tuesday 5th September 1.15pm – 3.45pm. $55.

To book into this workshop, click here 🤗

Astral Hygiene should be a priority for all. For you, your Practitioners as well as any person wanting healing to move through all layers of their physical, emotional and soul levels.

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