Inspiring Workshop Series

Exercise After and During Injury is a 2 hour workshop to assist your understanding of how to reduce the inflammation chemistry whilst you rehabilitate and exercise after injury. Tuesday 2nd May 2pm, 2 hour workshop $50. Click here to book online.

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Core Essentials

Core strength, stability and mobility are some of the most sought after muscle patterns for injury prevention, muscle balance and general strength and vitality. Over the years the exercises modify, but there are some fundamentals that are essential for the creation of core stability and strength. Maree taught Pilates in the late 90s early 2000s, wrote courses and programs, training instructors and clients with Fit Ball and advanced training techniques. Although you may know Maree in the role of Yogi, Personal Trainer, Coach, her knowledge of the core and back and abdominal health will have you well on your journey to vitality. Tuesday 9th May 2pm – 4pm. $50. To book online click here.

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Like Clockwork – Mind Body & Soul.

This 3 week discourse immersion will look deeper into inflammation, stress, digestion, sleep, exercise, sciatica, muscular-skeletal, hormonal, immune, cardiovascular and brain health. Helping you with understanding of the electrics, frequencies and how to enhance cellular recovery across mind, body & soul… so not much  Tuesday 2pm-4pm. May 16th, 23rd, 30th $150. Attendance can be via Zoom, in the room or replay afterwards. Recordings available for all participants. To book click here.

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Brain Power & Memory Boost

This 3 week discourse is to assist the development of lifestyle habits, thought patterns, healthy habits (and unhealthy), techniques for brain health, nutrition and most importantly essential brain gym to maintain your brains super powers and prevention of primitive reflexes returning. Whatever stage of life, this content is more important than ever with the rise of digital, dementia, digital distraction, alongside Alzheimer’s and dementia, the strategies and information in this are life enhancing. 11am Monday 15/05, 22/05, 29/05. 3 weeks $140. To book click here.

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