Term 2 Workshops, Sessions, Retreats with Maree

Welcome to Term 2 Sessions. Sessions can be online, at Corlette Hall, The Wellness Path Nelson Bay and special bookings can be made.

Monday 7.15pm Online Therapeutic Yoga / Qigong / Sound Bath / Meditation

Tuesday 9am Therapeutic Yoga Corlette Hall

Tuesday 4.30pm Therapeutic Yoga Corlette Hall

Thursday 8.30am Therapeutic Yoga / Meditation / Qigong The Wellness Path

Thursday 10.45am Therapeutic Yoga / Meditation / Qigong Corlette Hall

As the season changes, please remember your layers of clothing for warmth and also to take off as you warm up and then re-layer for meditation. The floor at the hall will be much cooler from now on, so please look after your necks with scarves and warm clothes as appropriate.

For a full updated calendar of the exciting term 2, please see the table at the very bottom of this newsletter. There is a lot happening with retreats, workshops and lots of inspired ways to support you on your health journey.

Your Energetic Body Journey

A healing experience of vibrational health & metaphysical quantum healing practices. Utilising Sound, essential oils, crystals, guided healing process to empower your own intuitive healing, incorporating education and home practices. These sessions are the First Monday of each month at 1.30pm Corlette Hall (there are a few exceptions due to public holidays). $35 hour

Participants will also have recording of session to use at any time at home.

To book click here.

Full Day Retreat

Facilitated with Sheryl Hockey and Maree at The Wellness Path Day Spa at Nelson Bay to create a sacred space to continue your healing journey. Experiences throughout the day include; energetic alignment, vibrational medicine, strategies for pain management and inflammation, connection for like minded women, 90 minute Spa Treatment of your choice, Sound Bath and Aromatherapy, Gluten Free Lunch, Herbal Teas…. And all the support that you need 

For bookings you can contact The Wellness Path Day Spa or book online with this link here.

Like Clockwork – Mind Body & Soul.

This 3 week discourse immersion will look deeper into inflammation, stress, digestion, sleep, exercise, sciatica, muscular-skeletal, hormonal, immune, cardiovascular and brain health. Helping you with understanding of the electrics, frequencies and how to enhance cellular recovery across mind, body & soul… so not much  Tuesday 2pm-4pm. May 16th, 23rd, 30th $150. Attendance can be via Zoom, in the room or replay afterwards. Recordings available for all participants. To book click here.

Exercise After & During Injury 

Understanding some basic formulas with muscular skeletal recovery can assist your actions as you recover youthful vitality. This is also covering exercise during inflammation including auto-immune, fibromyalgia, cellular recovery, joint replacement, surgeries & more. Workshop $50 2 hours. 2pm 02/05. To book click here.

Core Essentials 

Demystifying the essentials for core strength and how to participate in core strength safely.  There is great confusion about developing an optimal functioning “core” including pelvic floor health. The first steps that many take often lead to dysfunction, tightening of hip flexors and issues with back and hip health plus referred issues. Workshop includes online exercises for your specific body type which we will work out and explain during the workshop. Workshop $50 2 hours. 2pm 09/05. To book click here.

Brain Power and Memory Boost Workshop

This is a subject so dear to me. The first workshop can be a stand-alone workshop and/or you can go further with the 3 week workshop later in the term to go deeper into healthy habits (and unhealthy), techniques for brain health, nutrition and most importantly essential brain gym to maintain your brains super powers and prevention of primitive reflexes returning. Whatever stage of life, this content is more important than ever with the rise of digital, dementia, digital distraction, alongside Alzheimer’s and dementia, the strategies and information in this are life enhancing.

1st 2 hour workshop $50 3 week discourse / immersion $140 07/03, 14/03, 21/03


Allow me to introduce myself to our new valued members of our community…..

Over the last 30 years working in health and wellbeing, I have become known in the field as a rejuvenation specialist. I believe that every person can live an inspired life of fulfillment & health through the balance of support and challenge. This was especially recognised in my International Best Selling Book in 2016 Elevate Your Health.

As a rejuvenation specialist of multi-modality, I use, coaching, yoga (registered as a Yoga Master with the Australasian Yoga Institute due to my years and service to Yoga), pilates, bio-mechanics, energy modalities including quantum and metaphysical healing, nutrition, environmental and vibrational medicine and the many years and expertise in the fitness and health industries to help people achieve goals in all areas of their life.

As a homeschooling mum of teenage twins, business owner and other projects including maintaining our farm, I understand the challenges of the daily grind and how to bring a balanced perspective to our experiences and life journey. After significant physical challenges myself, with back, neck, knees, hips, vocal chords, inflammation; overcoming emotional hurdles and pushing my body to the brink of physical performance, I understand the necessity for having both challenge and support and the necessity of honouring your bio-individuality in your health journey. It is my honour to share your health journey 

For more information about my services and history visit http://www.mareefrawley.com

Maree Frawley

Locations for Maree’s sessions and workshops

Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga Cascade Walk Arcade Stockton St Nelson Bay

Corlette Hall Sandy Point Rd Corlette

Wellness Path Nelson Bay Rd Nelson Bay

Contact Maree

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/inspiredvitalitymareefrawley

Email: mfree112@gmail.com

Mobile: 0428438315

Payment Details

Yoga Qigong Classes

Drop In Class $26 or 5 pass of sessions $115. Cash payment discount available.

Bookings links for classes

Monday 7.15pm Online Yoga / Qigong / Sound Bath

Tuesday 9am Corlette Hall

Tuesday 4.30pm Corlette Hall

Thursday 8.30am The Wellness Path Nelson Bay

Thursday 10.45am Qigong/Yoga/Meditation Corlette Hall

Workshops generally $50 for 2 hour workshops

Direct Deposit Details for Zoom Attendees:

Port Stephens Chiropractic & Yoga BSB: 082 810 Account: 77 390 1660

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