A resource for you to support your physical, emotional and spiritual health, through sessions, techniques and workshops for you in your corner of the world with Maree’s help. Enjoy access to Maree’s expertise in the comfort of your own space and time. Unlimited classes, replays of workshops, injury rehabilitation support and an array of techniques to support your vitality with physical, emotional and soulful support.

How the community came about:

In 2018 Maree and family travelled Australia which led to the development of an online VIP Community which allows you to practice Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, specific rehabilitation programs for Sciatic, knees, hips, plantar fasciitis plus so much more all in the comfort and security of your own space.

There is now an ever expanding library with hundreds of sessions that all have their specific focus. For example if you are in a pain and inflammation cycle, or requiring knee rehabilitation, or after something more dynamic, or focusing during an anxiety episode, you can search the appropriate sessions for your needs on a given day. These sessions can be via the Facebook community or via the Members Library on the webpage, (other viewing platforms being launched soon.)

These sessions have supported people in times when they have been house bound or vulnerable during treatment cycles or illness. The sessions have supported people on shift work or unable to make structured class times. The accessibility of being able to practice the sessions best for your physical, emotional and soulful journey assists ongoing participation which assists the continue advancement towards your vitality and health goals.

All members receive a 50% off voucher for a one on one session with Maree. The benefits of this are to assist the organisation of specific sessions and programs to maximise your physical, emotional and soulful vitality.

The Online VIP community platform also has the capacity for you to join Maree for live sessions and participate in monthly health discussions which are available for you to enjoy in your own time if you miss the live sessions.

This is an incredible resource for people wanting to support their recovery from inflammation, cellular disturbances and the whole array of chronic health conditions including mental health with managing depressions, anxieties and the cloud of fog which can be so energetically depleting. Maree’s experience as a Registered Yoga Master, 30 plus years as a Personal Trainer with expertise in injury rehabilitation and so much more… (read the about Maree section to understand the ways Maree can support you.)

Your journey of life ripples from the energy and balance of physical and emotional health that you manage during your daily experiences.

Online VIP Community click here.

Online VIP Community with Maree

For further information: Contact Maree mfree112@gmail.com

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