Exclusive Personal Sessions with Maree

Maree is a diverse practitioner and can support you in a number of different and / or combined pathways.

Basic starting points to ask yourself:

  • Do you want change in your life?
  • Do you want accountability and inspiration to achieve this change?

Maree can move through all the information and potential pathways and assist you to see the appropriate actions for you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The journey is about your empowerment and you will have the support to ensure that you achieve your goals.

Exclusive Coaching / Mentoring Sessions with Maree

Your goals become my focus as we develop strategies and accountability to inspire your action towards your vitality in the areas of focus.

You have my support. You will be supported by the over 30 years of professional experience and vast amount of techniques and tools we can apply to your journey.

We will break down the mammoth amounts of information into simple steps specific to your bio-individuality and we will have an awesome time together on the way.

To book your exclusive session with Maree click here.

Exclusive Coaching / Mentoring Sessions to support your life, health, business

BLISS body work sessions are a session to support your mind, body and soul. Working with techniques to improve heart and brain coherence, Musculo-skeletal pain management and function. Techniques to support the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid as well as frequency attunement utilising sound, light & aroma to support your body on all levels. Sessions are 90 minutes $190 – click here to book

Inflammation Management – Programming for your posture, inflammation and needs

This session considers a wholistic view of your movement, nutrition, posture, inflammations and health conditions to ensure that what you are currently doing supports your vitality and health goals. From appropriate muscle activation patterns to support lower back / hips / knees through to the whole body working at an optimal level for you to live the life you desire. This session requires the person to complete some preparation and have information to Maree before your actual session. 90 minutes $190. This session can be done via zoom. To book, click here.

Balance Mind – Body – Soul

Fusion of gentle movement modalities to balance male/female energies, the elements, chakras, excesses and deficiencies, physically/energetically and subtle energies. Then a beautiful personalised guided healing process (similar to pranic healing) to rejuvenate and heal current daily challenges. Incorporates healing modalities including chakra, vibrational, pranic, qi gong, yoga specific to individual needs 90 mins $190. To book click here.

Soul Healing

Be facilitated in the process of understanding soul fragmentation, split timelines and how to stop energy drainages and energy leeches. A guided healing session to restore and strengthen your overall health, energy and vibrational well being. (Interrupt negative patterns, self defeating behaviors, anxieties, depressions) 90 mins $190. For bookings.

Personalised Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy can be an incredible modality to assist sleeping, hormones, grief, depression, anxiety, lymph and general inflammation. Whether it is supporting your joints, gut health, emotional health or soulful level, these sessions will help you rebalance, recharge and reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

This session is specific for your health with consideration to your emotional, physical and soulful needs.

60mins $150. To make a booking click here.

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