Personalised Sessions for your needs

Personal Yoga Sessions:

These are specific for your health with consideration to your emotional, physical and soulful needs. Whether it is support for back, neck, knees, hips, feet, posture….. options will be worked out for you to enhance your physical comfort to ensure your therapeutic gain and feel good factor after you practice your yoga. These are a great idea for people who have limitations and would like the confidence to continue their practice without causing injury and more importantly move towards health goals. 60 minute session $130.

Balance Mind Body and Soul

The session begins with gentle movement where you experience sequences that balance your masculine/feminine energies; balance excess and deficiencies with subtle energies including chakras, nadis and meridians. The second part of the session is a beautiful guided meditation/self healing session where you can be seated or lying down for an experience similar to pranic healing, including vibrational health to address your current life stressors, health challenges and rejuvenation goals. 90 minute session $190.

Soul Healing

This session facilitates your experience of understanding how to heal energy leakages, stop energy drainages, interrupt negative patterns, manage anxieties and depressions, enhance sleep and more. Through the multitude of techniques specific to your needs and experience with these modalities, you will drift towards a liberating feeling of clarity and freedom. An understanding of the ideas of soul fragmentation, split timelines and karmic ties, will take you on a heart opening journey of returning to oneness. 90 minute session $190.

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