Immersion experiences into your own health journey are one of the quickest ways of fast tracking your inspiration for changes that will assist your personal transformation.

Nurturing experiences with Maree include a variety of formats and are customised to the individuals who are attending the day.

Inclusions: Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Empowering Discussions, Benchmarking & Action Plans specific to your goals, Sound Bath, Frequency Therapy, Herbal Teas and more all shaped around the physical, emotional and soulful needs of those attending on the day.

By attending regularly throughout the year, participants can get soulful nurture and nourishment as well as the opportunity to have regular coaching, inspiration and accountability with Maree. Maree has programs that are stand alone experiences or partners with Health Spa’s to offer more services.

Maree has the capacity to support injury, anxiety and inflammation in all sessions. The experiences are a journey devoted to your needs on the day.

“You are a miracle to be celebrated!” Maree

As Maree has moved through her career, mentors have included high performance, leadership, communication, decision making, memory tools, business acceleration, change processes and more. Maree weaves her expertise accumulated in these areas into her sessions. You will be surprised by the communication tips that can enhance all levels of relationships across work, family, friends, as well as communication with yourself.

Experiences with Maree are a holistic experience. You will find support on so many levels and be entertained by the humour stories and solutions that can easily be embedded into your life.

Self Nurture Immersion Formats Include:

2 Hour Workshops

Twilight Immersion

Half Day Immersion

Full Day Immersion

Exclusive Weekend Immersion

For a full calendar of events click here 🤗

Upcoming Immersion Experiences & Retreats Nelson Bay Port Stephens

Soul Healing Full Day Sunday 15th October 9am – 3pm $180. This is a day to celebrate you! Starting with a Sacred Women’s Circle. Qigong, Breathwork and Chakra Journey, we will then have a soulful lunch before moving into the crossovers of how science meets soul, how health evolves with holism and removing total load, and how your pains can be eased and harmonised. A delicate, nourishing journey for your heart, body and mind. Full of experiences, techniques, solutions and feeling great moments.

Soul Healing Day: Wednesday 15th November 9.45am – 4pm with 90 minute Healing/ Rejuvenation Treatment; 90 minute Spa Treatment, Breathwork Intention Development, Includes lunch, Frequency Attunement, Healing Modalities, Workshops, Afternoon Tea, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, gifts and more. $350

Soul Healing Day: Wednesday 15th November 12pm – 4pm – without Treatment: Includes lunch, Frequency Attunement, Healing Modalities, Workshops, Afternoon Tea, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, gifts and more. $130

Friday 1st December Twilight Chakra Healing, Sound Bowl, Aromatherapy $55

Not only a sound bath, frequency attunement, guided chakra journey meditation, crystals and aromatherapy…. have some knowledge in the workshop of how science and soul harmonics and heart coherence can improve your health..

Special bookings for your Corporate Group or group of friends / family can be made.

Rejuvenation with Mullion Gurra – Port Stephens Hinterland

To help accelerate your health journey with physical and emotional health, the retreat opportunities at Eagleton are an opportunity for you to be in an exclusive small group where we can delve into a whole range of topics, specific to the individual and small group needs.

With connection to Country and stepping away from the suburbs, your immersion into this beautiful 27 acres with panoramic views to the Barringtons and Williams River, will assist your rejuvenation. With fire ceremony, smoking ceremony and experiences of nature, there is a tone of rejuvenation before we even get to the yoga, meditation, immersion workshops and other modalities as appropriate.

From healthy sleep, relaxation, mindfulness, specific physical ailments, injury rehabilitation such as back / knee / hip / neck care, stress, anxiety management, energy clearing, energy balancing, inflammation, hormones, chemicals and so many other specific topics.

The sessions run from 9am – 1pm and ideal for a small group experience. Come as an individual or organise some friends and have a beautiful healing morning together.

For more information or to make your booking contact Maree here or call/text 0428438315

Exclusive Weekend Immersions

From Friday evening until Sunday lunch, your health will be supported in all ways specific to your needs. Exclusive Benchmarking, Coaching and Action Plans, alongside: Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Art Therapy, Sound Therapy, Frequency Attunement, Connection to Country and more.

Experiencing a digital detox, a gentle physical, emotional and energetic detox and then the building blocks of repairing, healing and rejuvenating specific areas for your vitality.

This program is the ultimate pattern interrupt and reset button. Whether you are needing support with grief, relationship healing, major health rejuvenation, emotional or physical burnout, cardiovascular recovery or even just taking a respite reset for yourself to open and heal, you will be supported every moment of your journey.

This exclusive opportunity is open to only you as an individual or your choice of partner – life partner, best friend etc. This is exclusive and focusing on your journey and is ok to share with someone who shares your life.

The experience includes organic foods and will meet your dietary requirements. If detoxing is on your action plan, the foundations of this will be supported in this immersion, otherwise, your experience will have soulful and the energetic nutrition specific to you.

More information about this exclusive immersion is available by emailing Maree here.

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