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Yoga with Maree is a journey and process that is suited to your individual needs. You will be in a caring and nurturing group environment and will have the support and instruction that you require for a safe and rejuvenating experience of body and emotional work.

Transform your physical and emotional stresses.

Balance yourself and prepare for exceptional everyday living.

Therapeutic Yoga with Maree is a gentle discovery about your health physically, emotionally and soulfully and your gentle journey of improvement. Postures and movements are focused to enhance your everyday life with mobility and flexibility (All limitations catered for). Your emotional health is supported with the beautiful community and learning techniques that assist to focus your thoughts, calm anxieties, lift depressions and focus on the light in everyday life. $26 or 5 sessions for $115. Bookings essential.

Qigong – is a flowing movement class that incorporates breath work, energetic and physically balancing movements that assist range of motion, muscle strength, pain management and a sense of blissfulness. The 45 minutes of gentle Qigong, is then followed with the stillness of meditation and education for participants to understand how to maintain, balance and increase vital energy. $26 or 5 sessions for $115. Bookings essential.  

Bookings Links are below. If online booking is stressful, please text and I will assist you with other options. If you would like to move between classes or do multiple classes per week, please organise this directly with me. The bookings system will not allow that, but I will 🤗.

Sessions Term 4 2023

1st Monday of each month Frequency Healing / Rebalance 1.30pm Corlette Hall

Tuesday 9am Therapeutic Yoga Corlette Hall or 5 session pass

Tuesday 4.15pm Therapeutic Yoga Corlette Hall or 5 session pass

Tuesday Workshops see Calendar

Thursday 8.30am Therapeutic Yoga & Qigong Wellness Path Day Spa or 5 session pass

Thursday 10.45am Qigong / Therapeutic Yoga / Meditation 90 minutes Corlette Hall. (Not on 1st Thurs each month) or 5 session pass

Sessions at Corlette Hall, Nelson Bay, with Maree, cater to your physical and emotional limitations. Maree’s understanding of the mechanics of your body and her amazing intuitive ability to help you feel safe and nurtured is a great reason to come to these sessions.

The class is a fusion of techniques and Maree’s 30 years of working with bio-mechanics in sports as well as her teaching of Yoga, Qigong, Pilates, and years of working in the Fitness Industry, Health Industry, Coaching, Personal Training and mindful living.

Yoga sessions combines core strength, mobility, activation, range of motion, stability, breathing & relaxation. Sessions cater for people who are struggling with specific injuries, health challenges, emotional vulnerabilities, as well as the process of graceful aging as well as the fit and sporty. The beautiful dynamics of the environment and wise open minded energy of the room are very nurturing and supportive.

“Your safety and comfort is my number 1 priority for you….” Maree 

This is a gentle style of Yoga focusing on the creation of physical chemistry and energetic rebalancing that supports your rejuvenation.

How to Enhance your comfort…..

  • Please bring your yoga mat, blankets and supports…. (I would normally provide this, but in current times, this is a little difficult with the cleaning and sanitising. Truly the more you bring, the more comfortable you will be)
  • Please bring some water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – not too loose as it will annoy you
  • Wear layers of clothing so you can comfortably take a few layers off & then keep warm
  • Generally the class is bare foot – but it is a good idea to wear socks with the cooler weather. The weather can be warm in the winter, so please wear layers of clothing.


Classes are $26 Or 5 sessions are $115 to be used with a 6 month period. (Prices correct as of February 2022).

Coming to Rejuvenation Yoga links you into a beautiful community in the room and the support of home practice with an extensive library of Yoga and Meditation to practice at home. *Conditions Apply

Online Yoga Community

In 2018 Maree and family travelled Australia which led to the development of an online VIP Community which allows you to practice in the comfort and security of your own space.

There is now an ever expanding library with hundreds of sessions that all have their specific focus. For example if you are in a pain and inflammation cycle, or requiring knee rehabilitation, or after something more dynamic, or focusing during an anxiety episode, you can search the appropriate sessions for your needs on a given day. These sessions can be via the Facebook community or via the Members Library on the webpage, (other viewing platforms being launched soon.) The monthly access fee for unlimited sessions is $95 and can be arranged here. All members also have a half price one on one session with Maree to organise specific sessions and programs to maximise your physical, emotional and soulful vitality.

The platform also has the capacity for you to join Maree for live sessions and participate in monthly health discussions which are available for you to enjoy in your own time if you miss the live sessions.

To read more about the Online VIP Community read here.

Online VIP community with Maree

Other Health Enhancing Services

Maree can host individual health mapping sessions, for further information click here

Maree is a trained geo-technician and is able to assess your specific absorption rates with electromagnetic radiation exposure. For more information on the health burdens associated with EMR and its’ health impacts please click here

Maree & The Yoga Journey

Maree is an expert in the rejuvenation of the physical and emotional body. She believes every person can live an inspired life, full of vitality and a balance of support and challenge. As a rejuvenation specialist, Maree uses superior implementation of biomechanics, high performance coaching, mindset techniques, yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

As mum of twins and a business owner/manager, she understands the necessity of having optimal health to thrive and live with inspired purpose. Maree is no stranger to pain and adversity, her experiences and years of study have assisted her in helping thousands of clients achieve inspired vitality.

Maree provides simple pathways for mindfulness and outstanding nurturing support. She helps those in need find clarity amid the confusion of deciphering the best options for personal vitality, including nutrition, exercise, emotional management and mindset.

When I was encouraged to participate in Yoga to help my stress and overall health – more than 25 years ago, I was initially really disappointed and frustrated with my experiences. The Yoga I was able to access, physically hurt and options to help postures feel better for my needs were not provided!

It was not just injuries from car accidents that were limiting my participation. Muscle tightness from living an extremely active lifestyle, resulted in cramps during postures. There were also the mind battles stressing me out during the class including during the relaxation. So, I was basically watching the clock, waiting for the session to end.

As my journey went on and I moved into studying and then instructing over time, there are some points with Yoga (like all movement programs) that are so important for all the people I share this journey with….

Your body wisdom and what you feel are so important to honour and acknowledge – your journey is your most important priority.

Yoga is a journey of personal evolution. For example, due to injuries, it took me more than 2 years of patience and gentle preparation to be able to sit cross legged on the floor and then be able to stand and be ok and not have back pain later that day. I encourage you to understand that it is self defeating to have expectations or compare yourself with others or even compare to yourself of a few years ago.

Learning how to maximise feeling good with breath work and gentle postures was the beginning. Overtime, I was able to focus my mind and balance my health. Then I was able to make gentle advancements and after awhile I noticed all the improvements including my overall relaxation and happiness in everyday living.

My priority for you is firstly your safety and comfort. Then your enjoyment of the session and gradual progress so you feel fabulous for days after your session and feel inspired to participate regularly for your health.

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Yoga with Maree
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Maree Frawley – Registered Yoga Master with Australasian Yoga Institute. Advanced Diploma Therapeutic Yoga 2003

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