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With the changing needs within the face-to-face community, it now makes sense to bring this program into the mix of offerings with Maree. Maree often integrates basic core foundations in all Therapeutic Yoga classes, however, with the symptoms of sciatic, back, neck, hip and knees, this fusion program seems more important than ever.

Yogalates with @mareerejuvenate

Yogalates with Maree is a high-quality program that adheres to formulas for bio-mechanical balance with regards to essential stretches, foundation stability and then a priority of strength all symbiotic to breath work and alignment.

Maree was in the first groups of Pilates graduates in the late 90’s and then moved into Yogalates as a qualification before progressing into the depths and mastery of Therapeutic Yoga. Having trained and mentored physiotherapists through to the layers of the fitness industry with Pilates and core strength programs, you are in experienced and educated space with these sessions with Maree.

Over the 5 weeks, participants will experience the formulas required to stretch, stabilise and strengthen in ways that are specific to their limitations, symptoms, goals and bio-mechanics. All classes will be recorded and be given to participants to practice at home.

This will be harmonious to the participation to other programs whether with Maree or other instructors. Your bio-mechanics and individual needs will guide the way throughout the program.

This is a foundation program that can be catered to beginner through to advanced strength levels. It is ok if you have injuries, it is ok if you have pain, it is ok if your knees and hips are not as strong or mobile as they once were….. come as you are – let’s get you the mobility you need to have the adventures that you are after – Maree

If you miss a week, you will still get the recording of that week to practice at home. Classes will be uploaded to a private website for you to access in your own convenience.

5 week Yogalates Monday 1.30pm Program booking

Monday Term 4 Commences 9th October 2023 1.30pm

Corlette Hall – Sandy Point Rd, Corlette.

You can pay as you go, $26.50 per session or 5 session Pass $115, or mark visits off your current class pass. Please contact Maree to arrange this.

To book a Casual Session for Monday 1.30pm Class 🤗

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