Maree Frawley

Maree Frawley is an expert in rejuvenation of the physical and emotional body. As an author in the International Best Selling Book Elevate Your Health, Maree has a message to you,

“You can create the health, lifestyle, peace and joy that you desire!”

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She believes every person can live an inspired life, full of vitality and a balance of support and challenge. She has taught more than 20,000 group exercise sessions, facilitated the conditioning and performance of elite athletes, conducted more than 11,000 sessions of personal training, helped improve the health of expecting mothers, and assisted those with chronic pain or those in the process of reclaiming their health and fitness.

As a rejuvenation specialist, Maree utilises, superior implementation of biomechanics, high-performance coaching, mindset techniques, yoga, mindfulness and meditation. As a mum of twins and a business owner/manager, she understands the necessity of having optimal health to thrive and live with inspired purpose. Maree is no stranger to pain and adversity. Her teachings, combined with her experiences, have assisted her in helping thousands of clients achieve inspired vitality. Maree provides simple pathways for mindfulness and outstanding nurturing support. She helps those in need find clarity amid the confusion of deciphering the best options for personal vitality, including nutrition, exercise, emotional management and mindset.

Yoga Class


Services offered:

Online Yoga Classes and Meditation Membership

Rejuvenation Health Mapping Sessions

Rejuvenation Yoga with Maree

EMR education and home assessments