• Term 3 2023 review
  • Injury management reminders
  • Falls & balance practice
  • Term 4 events: Including end of year morning tea & rent a crowd for silks / juggling showcase. Healing experience days – science meets soul workshops.

We made it through another beautiful term of sessions, workshops, retreats and self-healing journeys….

Welcome to all our new community members 🤗

I am truly so happy for the progress that many of you have made.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me!

Your progress has been brilliant to be a part of.

Often winter is about maintenance and injury management, and during term 3, quite a few of you not only rehabilitated your areas of concern, but have gone on to the next phase of recovery with increasing mobility, stable flexibility and even strength – So congratulations on your diligence of attendance and at home practice! Small incremental health gains 🤗.

(Anyone needing at home sequences, please reach out and I will give you the best clips for you.)

Chronic Injury Management and Acute Pain Management

The simple takeaway would be to manage pain. Be proactive when you can.

This is a subject that I speak to on the phone on behalf of Kevin with Chiropractic Care, as well as across all platforms of my programs. (The challenge in today’s digital environment is that once you put something into writing, you face the wrath of anyone with an opinion. I preface this section as being specific to my community and our long-term relationship and supporting the beautiful journey of vitality that we are on together.)


When an injury occurs, what you do in the commencement of inflammation management can assist reducing pain, increase self-healing.

When you are in an episode of chronic pain, I absolutely understand the need to just want to stay still and not really practice protocols. I also appreciate the use of heat, I practiced this for the best part of 15 years in my pinnacle of pain management. A cycle that did not get broken until I listened and enacted a different protocol. If what you are doing is not working, maybe try something else. By definition here “working”, your protocol should be launching you into stabilising and rehabilitating, rather than falling into another relapse of pain.

Let’s break these subjects down into the best steps.

Rather than following the RICER method. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral, many often fall into some type of pain management, anti-inflammatory and then rest in a position that would often be detrimental to the area of pain….. and also use heat.

Remember, heat packs will temporarily relax an area and potentially help the area feel good. However, as a vasal dilator, you are actually contributing to further inflammation potential. Inflammation is reduced through vasal constrictor such as ice / cold packs. The cold treatment may not feel as pleasant at the time, but as an outcome of reducing pain and increasing healing potential, ice / cold treatment is a better choice.

The ideal protocol. Ice/Cold 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 3 rounds. (ice pack should be in a towel – not direct to skin). Heat could be used before movement. After movement – ice/cold protocol. There are some injury management creams that promote cool and I really enjoy those, especially the natural ingredients.

I am happy to talk with you about this further.

Falls & Balance

Please keep working on your awareness of where you are in time and space to help you with navigating your environment. Over our lifetime as senses alter, many people begin to experience their environment mainly through their eyes. If they cannot see where they are going, then the risk of instability and potential loss of balance increases. Rather than using a balance of our senses including physical feeling through our feet, as well as mechanical issues with hip placement and forward head position, we can be at risk with loss of footing and balance challenges.

Throughout my career, I have seen too many people improve their balance and vitality to ever accept that aging and regressions are a one-way street. One of the memorable stories would be the 75-year-old with MS, who mastered kneeling upright on a fit ball – I cannot remember why this skill was so important to her, but, she achieved her goal through slow gentle progressions. Her health and vitality were awesome! Inspiring!

Stick with our gentle progressions and let’s keep you with the vitality that you desire!

Posture & Injury Prevention @mareerejuvenate

Aromatherapy Requests

During some of the Frequency Attunements, Retreat Workshops and during some of the group sessions of Yoga etc, I have given some of you some essential oil options to assist with breathing and clearing airways. The main two essential oils that have potentially helped a few of you are from Young Living Basil and Young Living Aroma Siez. I am not always brand specific, but these 2 essential oils have some interesting clinical results. Due to this being a public newsletter, I will not go into detail here, but if you are interested or need support, please reach out. I am happy to extend pretty close to the wholesale price and just a little to cover postage for community members. Please reach out if you are interested.

Our Resident Jeweler 🤗

Katea’s new jewelry designs – for those of you who might be preparing for Christmas gifts, Katea is working on an anklet range, a copper and precious gem weaving design… which is really lovely. We will be getting some more pieces for the amulet necklaces as well. (Sorry for the American spelling).

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Events for Term 4

The Calendar is at the bottom of this post which details the various events and I will attempt to put events up onto Facebook as well. Some highlights:

  • Term 4 official commencement: Monday 1.30pm Yogalates continues. Tuesday 9am & 4.15pm Therapeutic Yoga. Thursday 8.30am Therapeutic Yoga & 10.45am Qigong/ Therapeutic Yoga / Meditation
  • Full Day Retreat Sunday 15th October 9am – 3pm
  • Full Day Retreat Wednesday 15th November 9.45am – 4pm
  • Frequency Attunement Sessions: Friday 1st December, monthly sessions about to be added.
  • Rent – a – crowd moments if you are available for Tuesday 28th November 12.30pm for Silks Juggling Showcase for Our Champions.
  • End of Year Gathering Tuesday 21st November 12.30pm Corlette Hall – Bring a Plate to Share and entertainment provided.
  • Term 4 2023 finishes Tuesday 19th December
  • Prelude to Term 1 2024 commences the week 8th January – will check with you about who is around and what classes to run.

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